Practical Information

General information


RON = Leu (plural “Lei”) (pronunciation: lay).

The official exchange rate is around: 1 EUR= 4.76 LEI. This rate varies slightly on a daily basis.

There are several exchanges at the Henri Coanda airport, but the Exchange rates are better in the city.


There are several ATMs in the Arrivals Terminal, Public area, first floor. You can take out lei from almost any Credit and Debit Cards. All ATMs offer similar exchange rates and can be used with confidence.

The banks that have an ATM installed in the Arrivals terminal:

Unicredit Tiriac Bank
Credit Europe Bank
Alpha Bank
Piraeus Bank

Other relevant information

Temperature: 9 to 12 degrees °C (November)
Time zone: GMT + 2 hours
Electricity : 220V, 50Hz Standard continental European dual round-pronged plugs.
Emergency number: 112
Romania country telephone code: +40
Bucharest telephone code: 021
International calls from Romania: 00 + country code + area code + telephone number


Once you reach the “Henri Coanda” International Airport, the easiest way to reach the recommended hotels or the meeting venue is by taxi. The usual fee is 1.39 Lei/Km (0.32 Eur/km).

If you want to pay by credit card you must travel with a Fly Taxi car (3.5 lei/km).The vehicles are equipped with POS (terminals for electronic payment: American Express, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa) (please see

At the Arrivals Terminal, a special desk was established, where you can order an authorized taxi from a predetermined list. You will receive a receipt after ordering with the waiting time and cab number printed on it.

Participation Fee

NO PARTICIPATION FEE IS REQUIRED. In order to participate you will need to fill in the online secure registration form.

Number of registrations is limited according to the conference rooms’ capacity.


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