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Future of Higher Education – Bologna Process Researchers’ Conference

4th Edition (FOHE-BPRC4)


The Executive Agency  for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI), in partnership with University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB), the National University of Political Science and Public Administration (SNSPA) and University of Bucharest (UB) are organizing the 4th edition of the ”Future of Higher Education – Bologna Process Researchers’ Conference” (FOHE-BPRC4), in Bucharest, Romania on 29 – 31 January 2020.

The conference aims at providing a unique forum for dialogue between researchers, experts and policy makers in the field of higher education. The importance of the previous three conference editions is also highlighted by the success of the resulting publications: more than 100,000 downloads for the 2012 volumes, 570,000 downloads for the 2015 volumes and 150,000 downloads for the 2018 volumes, while additionally having all three publications now indexed in Web of Science.

Therefore, we invite authors to contribute to the event with academic papers of 5-6,000 words, developed under one of the five sub-themes of the FOHE-BPRC4 event:

  1. Furthering internationalization of higher education
  2. Access and success for every learner in higher education
  3. Innovation in learning and teaching, strengthening EHEA-ERA cooperation
  4. The future of the EHEA – principles, challenges and ways forward
  5. Looking forward: Digital transformations in higher education and the expansion of the Bologna Process model across the world

More information about the five sub-themes of the FOHE-BPRC4 event can be found here. The Editorial Board will select the papers that will be presented at the conference and then further published in a resulting research volume, which will be part of the official 2020 Rome Ministerial Conference.

In order to be considered, please submit an abstract of your contribution by 10 September 2019 at The abstract should be around 250 words, providing a brief overview of what the article intends to focus on, including the research questions. More information about the timeline for papers is available here.

IMPORTANT: Authors can also apply with papers that have been previously presented, but have not been published.

Authors of the selected are invited to attend the conference in order to defend their papers. No participation fees will be required from the participants to FOHE-BPRC4. The organizers will cover accommodation and conference meals for all the authors, as well as provide a number of grants for travel costs, for those selected authors with financial difficulties. Should you wish to access one these grants, kindly mention this upon abstract submission.

Looking forward to your contributions,

The Organizers


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